DEATH AND FAXES|Award-Winning Short Film (2022

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Film Synopsis: DEATH AND FAXES|Award-Winning Short Film (2022

Award of Excellence (One-Reeler Short Film Competition) Finalist: Best Short Film (Vesuvius International Film Festival)

Winner: Best Short Film (Screen Power Film Festival) Finalist: Best Drama Short Film (Big Fridge International Film Festival) & Best Comedy Short Film (Sandgrounder International Film Festival). Honorable Mentions: Best Cinematography (London International Film Festival), Best Comedy (London-Worldwide Comedy Film Festival) & Best Short Film (London International Film Festival). Selected: Best Short Film (London Lift-Off) & Best Short Film (The Short Film Showcase).

CREDITS: Written, Produced and Directed by Erbil Shaban Jim Schafer: Dorian Simpson Stanley Woland: Lester Cowling Director of Photography: Richard Allen Production Company : Shotcaller Pictures Production Manager : Miriam Tovia Shaban Production Runner: Athena Christodoulou 1st AD: Ella Spottiswood 1st AC: Fanka Georgieva DIT: Deniz Oznacar Spark: Lewis Brown Art Director : Fatma Shaban Sound Recordist: Oscar Crawford Makeup Artist: Lauren Montgomery Edit: Deniz Oznacar and Erbil Shaban Colour grade: Richard Allen Camera rental: Spinning Mirror Lighting/Grip/Lens rental: Shoot Blue Format : Ursa Mini Pro + ARRI Alexa XT + Atlas Orion Anamorphics

Categories: Comedy

Film Credits: DEATH AND FAXES|Award-Winning Short Film (2022

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Director/s: Erbil Shaban


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