This Is English by Joe Beverley (as That Jam)

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Film Synopsis: This Is English by Joe Beverley (as That Jam)

This Is English Short film about a group of violent pedants attempting to put a stop to poor spelling and grammar. A full stop. Joe Beverley (as That Jam)


Liam Wilson Writer Joe Beverley (as That Jam) Director Cast Jack Doolan Clive David Schaal Derek Donna Preston Karen Harry Sherriff Billy Dean Kilbey Barry Nick Pearse Gary Amer Chadha Patel Dave Paul Dewdney Catastrophe Man Jerome Dowling Posh Cityworker Ben Higgs Chip Shop Guy Maria Hildebrand German Girlfriend Michael Haynes Keyboard Warrior Timon Woodward Hostage

Categories: Comedy

Film Credits: This Is English by Joe Beverley (as That Jam)

Year of release: 2021
Film Lenght: 9:45 (Minutes)
Official Website:


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