Ding… You’re Dead (Killer Microwave Horror Short Film)

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Ding… You’re Dead | A Review By ChatGPT

“Ding… You’re Dead” is a darkly comedic and cleverly executed short film that explores the theme of mortality and the unexpected consequences that come with it. The film tells the story of a man who receives a mysterious package in the mail that turns out to be a countdown clock, indicating the exact moment of his impending death. As he tries to come to terms with his fate, he embarks on a desperate quest to find a way to cheat death and extend his life.

One of the strongest elements of the film is its sense of humour. The script is witty and irreverent, poking fun at the absurdity of the situation and finding humour in the character’s desperate attempts to avoid his fate. The film also has a clever twist ending that will leave audiences both surprised and amused.

The performances in the film are also noteworthy. The lead actor brings a great sense of humour and energy to his role, capturing the character’s panic and desperation in a way that is both relatable and entertaining. The supporting actors also deliver strong performances, adding to the film’s comedic and dramatic impact.

Visually, the film is well-crafted, with creative camera angles and sharp editing that keep the pace lively and engaging. The use of music and sound effects also enhances the film’s tone and adds to its comedic and suspenseful moments.

Overall, “Ding… You’re Dead” is a fun and engaging short film that offers a unique take on the theme of mortality. Its sharp writing, strong performances, and creative visual style make it a standout entry in the short film genre. It’s a film that will leave audiences both entertained and thoughtful.

Reviewer Rating: 7/10
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Film Synopsis: Ding… You’re Dead (Killer Microwave Horror Short Film)

Written and directed by Jay Salahi,

Official Selection Sleepy Hollow International Film Festival

Official Selection Ottawa Spookshow and Fantastic Film Festival

Official Selection Be Afraid Horror Fest Official Selection Picture Show Panic

Official Selection A Slice of Fright Fest Official Selection HorrOrigins Film Festival Official Selection The American Horrors Film Festival Official Selection Andromeda Film Festival

Official Selection Hollywood Venus Awards Official Selection Frostbite International Indie Fest Official Selection Horror Avenue Film Festival Official Selection Indie Short Fest

Official Selection 6ix Screams International Horror Film Festival Starring – Trevor Larson Cinematography – Raquel Gallego Producers – Carlos E. Uribe & Jay Salahi Music – Mattan Cohen Editor – Jay Salahi VFX – George Moise Gaffer – Michael Creasey 1st AC – Tania Espinosa 2nd AC- Joe McNairy 2nd Cam AC – Felix San Martian Best Boy – Logan Wade Sound Mix – Adrian Cooperman Practical Effects/ADR – AJ Hamilton Special Thanks Chad Cooperman Todd Knaak Chris Harvey AJ Hamilton Gustavo Oliva

Filmed on Sony FS7

Categories: Horror

Film Credits: Ding… You’re Dead (Killer Microwave Horror Short Film)

Year of release: 2019
Film Lenght: 5 (Minutes)
Official Website: https://dingyouredead.com
Writer/s: Jay Salahi
Director/s: Jay Salahi


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