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Film Synopsis: Come and See | WAR FILM | FULL MOVIE

1943, the Great Patriotic War, territory of Belarus. The 16-year-old boy Flera, having dug out a carbine among scraps of barbed wire, rusty machine-gun belts and shot-through helmets, goes into the forest to join the ranks of the partisans. This film, like no other, shows the tragedy of a child on a battlefield. At the beginning of the picture Flera is just a teenager. But In the end, having gone through horror and fear, child becomes an adult, frighteningly adult – his face is distorted by senile wrinkles, and there is no room for love in his soul…

Year of production: 1985

Director: Klimov Elem Writers: Alexander Adamovich, Elem Klimov Composer: Yanchenko Oleg Operator: Rodionov Alexey Production designer: Petrov Victor Cast: Laucevičius Lubomiras, Berda Alexander, Kravchenko Alexey, Mironova Olga, Bagdonas Vladas, Lumiste Juri, Lorenz Victor, Rabetsky Kazimir, Tilicheev Evgeny, Vasiliev Victor, Domrachev Vasily


Categories: Drama

Film Credits: Come and See | WAR FILM | FULL MOVIE

Year of release: 1985
Film Lenght: 2:20:49 (Minutes)
Official Website:
Director/s: Klimov Elem


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